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Map Details: Man of war (part 1)

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Man of war (part 1)

Map Creator:


Game Version:

Joint Ops: International Conflict

Game Type(s):



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8 of 10

Map Description:

You are working for Colonel Red, an ambitious character. He sent you recover some secrets codes to activate a "Computer", you don't know much about that "Computer"..... Is he a good guy or a madman??

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Posted: Monday - May 4, 2009 8:17PM

Posted by: SnapDragon

vary nice map, butt try not to use so many different pices stick with same types and try not to over lap so much! dame good playing map!!!! we enjoyed!, ai,s set good, we liked this map its just vary glichy. all worked,ended, and rotated good job

Respawner alert

Posted: Monday - May 4, 2009 8:32PM

Posted by: KSerena

Map played and ended well, best played with small squad but possible solo as well. Most triggers seemed to work, however not all triggers worked correctly because of the incorrect use if ssndead() rather then !ssnalive() on AI. Didn't mind that the event that kills the grenade launcher jeeps didn't work however, as they came in useful for the ride to the last waypoint.

The respawners that pop up in your face were nasty however, happened in at least spots that the AI you just killed magically appears right in your face again, and not just 1 but 5 at a time. Some of the respawners near A apparently had a wrong waypoint assigned, as they were continuously running up against the wall in the corner, while the other 4 were following the waypoints around the building there. Also the accuracy of the respawners (and the few non-respawning AI) near D was greatly overpowered, actually all the AI seems to have an accuracy of 100 (even saw some with 300) but at D it was mostly noticeable as they killed you through the tent with 1 shot or blew up your car from 200 meters with a few shots when you tried to escape them.

Layout of the map was nice, it had some smaller problems like incorrect alignment on some objects and lacking end pieces, but overall the layout of the city was nice. Didn't expect the secret exit to be below the city. Placement of AI in the city was also nice, made you have to be careful where as it should be in a city. Now if only their accuracy was tweaked and they wouldn't respawn in your face...

Posted: Tuesday - May 5, 2009 8:12PM

Posted by: housemouse

I do not see the reason for the respawners. The map was good..until they cropped up. 8/10

Posted: Tuesday - June 16, 2009 5:12AM

Posted by: jabo1SFH

2 of us played your map and it was going good, but then respawning started. some respawners are ok and for the most part you did use them wisely, but there were a few that could have been taken out. also, when making maze style maps, linear distance to any psp should be around 100m or less. you need to remember that by making players snake through a maze, you are making the run even longer. having the psp;s closer in a maze is a must, especially when you add respawning ai. now down at "D", the jeep ai were way too overpowered. killing players when they are still 20-30meters behind a piece of terrain proves that. then the ai from the covered facilities........tbh, that sequence served no purpose in the map except a "just cause" idea. try to aviod "just cause" ideas, they will do injustice to a good map. we also felt that the ending was anti-climatic, kind of like "thats it????" without those issues, this could have been a fantastic map.

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