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Map Details: Whisper-M-Terrorist Takedown EXP

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Whisper-M-Terrorist Takedown EXP

Map Creator:


Game Version:

DFBHD: TerraNova EXP

Game Type(s):



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8 of 10

Map Description:

This is my 1st Single Player map. I made it for the EXP mod because I love the EXP editor's goodies. Most importantly I want to thank everyone that responded to my threads in the forums regarding this map. A Giant Thank You goes out to Eagle Eye for helping me out with the events and mission objective, as well converting a file for me for the game loading screen. Without his generosity I would have never completed this. If you do not find map enjoyable, it has no reflection on Eagle Eye he only did what was asked of him. The theme for the map is a group of terrorists have taken over a small defense base, all hostages have escaped. It is your job to go in and take them out, there will be a helicopter waiting for you at exfil. You start of as a sniper, but make use of the armory's as the action intensifies as you enter the base. I hope a few of you find this map fun. I am setting my sights on singleplay mapmaking and am eagerly waiting for the new Terranova Mod. Thank you all, Take Care.

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Posted: Monday - February 16, 2004 7:06PM

Posted by: kiwitrouthunter

nice one Darrell. it looks good plays good but i thought the bg's could do with being made a bit more aggresive. other than that keep up the good work and i look foward to more from you. cheers


Posted: Tuesday - February 17, 2004 10:12AM

Posted by: Whisper-M-

I am working on my 2nd sp map for the mod. It should be done very soon. I am enjoying makins sp maps and now that I have figured out how to use wac files, I hope my maps will get better. I also will be posting some new maps for TS, Thanks for downloading my maps. Take Care all.

Posted: Wednesday - February 18, 2004 11:36AM

Posted by: Timber3050

Well whisper, this is a very good map. Big, well looking. I may be having a problem where certain objects show as invisible because at the boeing was some invisible thing i couldn't shoot. Was the shinook at the beginning of the mission meant to start up just then? if not, you can set it to hover so it is already on when you start. I unfortuant;y couldn't beat it becuase the last guy was invisible (probably a problem with my pff), but i did notice that the Shinook at the end was their the whole time. It would be cool to see it fly in with an escort comanche once you reach the last WP. I believe this is you first SP map, right? If it is, then there is no better way to start. 8/10

I agree..

Posted: Wednesday - February 18, 2004 11:06PM

Posted by: Whisper-M-

I agree with you timber about the helo's, scince that map I have learned wac. files as well as working events. I will be posting my 2nd sp map shortly, again it will be for the EXP mod. Please check it out, it is full of timed events, as well as I took advantage of my recent knowledge in using wac. files. Thanks for commenting, Take Care.

Chinook Fly team?

Posted: Thursday - March 11, 2004 12:59AM

Posted by: DeadGuns_x

Anyway, very good map to play with and all have fun. Nice work and the map bring me back to memory in the df2 & dflw with the color of the sky and moutain. Good all and thx for the map Mr. Darrell Eidse 9/10

Posted: Saturday - April 17, 2004 12:26AM

Posted by: Farmdog

I had fun playing this map, but was never able to complete it. Reading the above comments I guess there was a problem. I looked to me that maybe there was a hostile inside of the airliner?? I liked the layout of the base and the overall theme of it. There were some nice details too. For a first EXP map this one is a good start. One thing--the hostages took off running towards me along with the enemy. They should have remained in place until I got to them.

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